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[The Darien Times ] Three Hartford mayoral candidates to face off in primary, one has signatures ...

By Emily DiSalvo

Aug. 17, 2023

Candidate Nick Lebron, who reported submitting the required amount, came up short after the registrar disqualified hundreds of signatures he submitted.

"It looks like they have disqualified more than more than half of our signatures, and we're trying to figure out why," said campaign manager Candice Dormon. "Because it doesn't make sense to us on this on this end. In the meantime, this changes nothing and the campaign moves forward. And Councilman Lebron will see. It's their competition, and we'll see who faces him in November."

Lebron had already qualified to be on the ballot as a petitioning candidate in November.

Lebron had 1,075 confirmed, but he said he submitted over 2,000.

According to the registrar of voters, a signature will be disqualified if the handwriting is illegible, a person who signed is not a registered voter or if they are not registered with the Democratic Party.

The Lebron campaign is waiting for a response about why so many signatures were disqualified, but he has already qualified in the general election.

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