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The latest from Nick...

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Listening at the Meeting

People make our city.


Over 1,000 staff members come together each day to deliver the city services that we all depend on.


120,000+ residents choose to live and raise their families here.


As mayor I will ensure my team has what they need to provide high quality services to our residents, and that our residents have the beautiful quality of life they deserve.

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Nick Lebron's Plan for Hartford

Meet Nick

A product of the North End, Nick Lebron is the ultimate Hartford success story.


After graduating from Hartford High School, Nick obtained an associate’s degree in social work from Capital Community College, as well as a B.A. in Psychology and Master’s in Public Policy from Trinity College.


Having become a father at a young age, Nick is acutely aware of the needs of young parents and single-income households. This experience has shaped his identity – his life’s work is about serving families that don't fit the traditional mold. In his professional career, he manages operations and community partnerships to provide wraparound services for children and families.


Nick’s commitment to the community prompted him to run for the Hartford Democratic Town Committee, where he served for four years. In 2019, Nick was elected to the City Council. During his tenure in public service, Nick has focused on advancing gun control legislation and protecting the rights of Hartford’s LGBTQ+ community. He’s also piloted HEART, an innovative 911 response program.


Now, Nick is running for Mayor of Hartford to invest in Hartford’s greatest strength – its people. As mayor, he’ll make City Hall a bridge to resources, invest in a smarter approach to public safety, and reconnect our neighborhoods. With your help, Nick will make Hartford a city that is united, safe, and thriving.



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